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Is IRS Wage Garnishment Causing Financial Hardship? We Can Help

If you’re eligible for a tax settlement to relieve your burden, we’ll work hard to secure it.

When Will the IRS Seize Your Property to Cover an Unpaid Tax Debt?

The tax levy is often the government's last resort to receive what you owe.

Innocent Spouse Relief Can Protect You When the Worst Happens

Did your spouse screw up your joint tax return? Get in touch with our pros.

An IRS Audit Letter Doesn't Have to Spell Disaster

We have what it takes to get you through your tax audit.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap Into Home Ownership?

Owning a home can make you eligible for tax benefits, but make sure you're ready before purchasing your first home.

When Do You Need to Amend Your Tax Return?

When there are errors on your tax return, you'll need to correct them promptly.

What Counts as a Charitable Organization in the Eyes of the IRS?

The government delineates several categories into which a "qualified" charity must fall.

You'll Need a Tax Help Pro in Order to Secure an Offer in Compromise

This debt-reducing tax settlement won't be easy to negotiate on your own.

How to Proceed in the Face of a Bank Levy

This severe tax penalty can have a crippling impact on your life.

Need to Pay for College? A Qualified Tuition Plan May Be the Answer

Plan for your children’s diplomas while they are still in diapers.

Why Not Bunch Deductions This Year for Greater Tax Savings?

Don't miss out on big tax savings. With deduction bunching, you may be able to itemize!

Going Back to School? You May Be Eligible for the Lifetime Learning Credit

If you're paying tuition for higher education, you might be eligible for a tax credit.

Buying or Leasing a New Vehicle? Here's What to Consider

A new vehicle is a major investment. Make sure you're getting your money's worth!

Give Your Family Business the Benefit of a Solid Succession Plan

Keep your family business going strong. Find out what you can do to beat the odds!

What's the Difference Between Deductions and Tax Credits?

We have the information you need to reduce your tax liability.

It Pays to Know the Tax Rules When Buying a Home

Buying a home? Don't miss out on all the tax benefits!

Avoid Tax Penalties by Following These Guidelines

Tired of getting hit with IRS penalties? We can help.

When Economic Times Are Tough, Look Into These Financial Perks

Are you aware of all of the ways you can use tax laws to your favor? Let us guide you toward smarter solutions.

Are You Allowed to Deduct Donations to Foreign Charities?

We can help you determine which of your foreign donations is tax deductible.

Tax Filing Tips

File on time to avoid late filing penalties.

Is an IRS Installment Agreement Right for You?

You may surprised to learn that an installment agreement might NOT be the best way to solve your tax problems.

Hire Carrollton's Trusted Tax Company This Tax Season

Our tax resolution specialists can ease your burden.

We're Here for Every Step of Your IRS Audit in Arlington

Why go it alone when we specialize in IRS audit defense?

Resolve Plano-Area Financial Issues With Our Tax Attorney

You'll come out ahead by having a seasoned tax lawyer on your side!